Round the clock network protection against cyber criminals and other malicious entities

Your network and data security is our number one priority. A firewall is one of the most vital components of your network, often being the first and last line of defense against malicious entities working to compromise your business operations.

With Managed Firewall & Unified Threat Management services we can safeguard and manage the interface between your LAN, WAN and IP networks.

We scale our services to suit individual requirements.

Managed Firewall services can include:

  • Professionally configured, managed and monitored firewall(s)
  • Firewall appliance provided with service
  • 24×7 event monitoring and notification
  • Policy Rules Adds/Changes
  • Port Forwarding
  • Network Address Translation
  • Inbound and outbound access control
  • Connection tracking
  • Patch Management
  • DMZ Configuration
  • Off-site log storage
  • Real-time log analysis option
  • Monthly log report option